Indy Coffee Roasting Company




Est. 2015

 Coffee with a Destination

Formerly a Cottage Food out Independence, California Indy Coffee Roasting Co. brings the rich flavor of European style roasted coffee to the Owens Valley. Each season I selectively purchase organic coffee beans from Certified Organic Farmers, Farm Gate, Fair Trade, Women Owned Collectives, Bio-Friendly, Rain Forrest Friendly, and Bird Friendly Farms Worldwide. Roasted in small batches Indy Coffee Roasting Co. delivers smooth, full bodied coffees from roast to cup whether using a French press or auto drip.  Enjoy seasonal roast is named after some of my favorite Eastern Sierra destinations.

Experience the East Side! Enjoy the Coffee!

Gunner Conway-Davenport - Owner,  Coffee Roaster

Indy Coffee Roasting Company - Bishop, California







Sierra Wave ...Deena Davenport-Conway

Sierra Wave ...Deena Davenport-Conway